MARIANNE FREDRIKSSON | Simon & the Oaks | Hardcover (10909)

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This book has also been made into a movie.

This quietly moving story of family, friendship, and love, by the author of HANNA'S DAUGHTERS, has already become an international best-seller and will no doubt capture the hearts of other readers as well.

Simon Larsson is a pensive and thoughtful boy growing up in Sweden during World War II, fortunate to be safe within a remarkably loving and cohesive community. Half Jewish, he is being raised by his Scandinavian aunt and uncle, who adopted him as their own at birth. In a novel rich in mystical overtones, his adoptive parents take on truly archetypal dimensions.

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In good, pre-loved condition.
Measures 240mm x 160mm
Hardcover with dust jacket - has sun fade along spine of dust jacket.