1887 Publication of the Picturesque Atlas of Australasia (9625)

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Volume: Victoria - Published in Sydney in 1887, the enormous, multi-volume 'Picturesque Atlas of Australia' was an attempt with words and pictures to describe the Australia of the time.

Writers, artists, academics and politicians came together to prepare a book of unprecedented grandeur and ambition, and a publishing company was established to produce and publish it.

About: Hard cover made with Red Leather spine and leather corners of covers with a red linen front and back and gold embossing. The pages have gilt edging.

The 1100+ engravings on steel and wood contained in the Picturesque Atlas were among the finest engravings to be found anywhere in the world at this time, and many of the illustrations were specially commissioned works by leading Australian artists of the era, for the publication.

There are thirty maps in the Atlas's 800 pages, plus hundreds of sketches. Of the hundreds of images included in the Atlas, you will find street scenes, monuments, churches, hills, seaside, farms, horses, scrub, country towns, ships, daily life activities, headstones, bridges, people, caves, aborigines, and mountains just to mention a few.

Though the Atlas was heavily dependent upon illustrations as its main selling point, these were set within texts describing landscape, industry and city streets. 

A unique and valuable historical record of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Condition. Damage to spine and it has come away from binding--but is held to it by its back cover. Binding of pages is intact and firm. No loose pages. Pages have foxing and some marks. Some pages have small tears and water marks. Fair condition for its age. The text and illustrations are in good condition.

The Book measures 350mm x 450mm x 40mm.