1930 Ford Model A Tudor (ref: 7160)

  • $65.00

Park the classic 1930 Ford Model A Tudor in your room and add a feather to your collectibles. This detailed Franklin Mint diecast car is engineered precisely to match every part of the original. You can also operate the hinged front *windshield, double folding seat in this Franklin Mint toy car.

Moreover, you can steer the wheel and direct the road wheels that even turn with the 1930 Ford Model A Tudor. Just like the original car, this Franklin Mint diecast car is hand-built, hand-painted and hand-polished. It even has a hat in the back seat!  *The wiper has come out of it's holder - it just needs reattaching and is inside the car taped to the hat in a piece of cellotape (as it is so small and easy to lose).

Measures 160mm x 70mm x 80mm high.