1940's Royal Dux Bohemia: Rococo Couple (ref: 6074)

  • $35.00

A beautiful Bohemia Royal Dux figurine of a Victorian Couple.
Royal Dux is a porcelain company based in the Czech Republic that manufactures figurines and ceramics in Neoclassical and Art Nouveau styles.

Royal Dux pieces are designated by their trademark pink triangle, which serves as a certificate of authentication.
This piece is signed on its base and has the Pink Triangle with the letter D in its centre. It also has 'Royal Dux Made in Czechoslovakia' stamped on its base in blue, and numbers 140 and 31 etched into its base.

In beautiful condition. The only damage to this piece is the lady is missing her thumb and we have priced accordingly.
It measures 190mm wide x 110mm deep x 185mm high.