20 x Dexion Maxi Garage Storage Bins (11212)

  • $225.00

Dexion Maxi hanging and stackable bins x 20 The inherent strength of the Maxi bin comes from the robust design using the best quality polypropylene materials. Maxi bins are most commonly hung on louvred panels, but their unique interlocking design enables them to be stacked securely without the bin splaying under load. This makes them perfect for incorporating within your shelving system or on a bench top.

6 x P10 - L 178mm x W100mm x D85mm

5 x P20 - L 225mm x W135mm x D125mm

8 x P30 - L 280mm x W205mm x D165mm

1 x P40 - L 165mm x W410mm x D280mm

All measurements are external Bin Boxes A set like this would retail over $600 new