c.1920: 7 Pairs St George Armband (8594)

  • $75.00

St George Armbands (or sleeve garters) are the classic accessory to keep shirt sleeves at an agreeable length. 'The Aristocrat of all armbands'. We think these are from around the 1920's-30's.

Arm Bands are beloved of jazzers, poker players, swing dancers, snooker stars, young fogies, speakeasy barkeepers…or anyone with sleeves too long.

They’re worn just above the elbow for a styled look in shirt sleeves, or to show the perfect glimpse of cuff under a jacket. St George Armbands were first produced by the Yorkshire company Hunt & Holditch in 1840. They’re in expandable nickel with an internal ribbon.

These come in their original box - AND, one armband is still in its original wrapper!!!! There are 14 separate armbands in the box/7 pairs.