Antique Blue Willow Creamer/Plate (7591)

  • $35.00

Antique Unmarked Blue and White China in the Blue Willow pattern.

There are many Chinese-inspired motifs that look similar to Blue Willow, but they may not have the characteristic pattern of the Blue Willow legend. Look for the fence, the bridge, the two doves, the willow tree, and the stream. If it doesn't have this pattern, it isn't Blue Willow.

Many Blue Willow pieces feature a mark, but some do not. After 1891, English pieces will feature a country of origin mark as well. It is sometimes impossible to tell which pottery made a piece. The earliest pieces were often unmarked, and early Blue Willow pieces have a lighter overall feel, and often, a softer glaze.

This beautiful Creamer and Plate are in very good condition.


The Creamer measures 90mm diameter x 95mm high. Minor wear to gold gilt trim and a high Ting when tapped. No chips or cracks. 

The Plate measures 147mm square x 16mm high. No chips, cracks or crazing.