Antique Collection of 4 items (8573)

  • $35.00

This Auction comprises 4 Antique Items as follows:
- 40 x No.4 Matches inside an R.Bell & Co, NZ tin - it has a strike-plate underneath
   the tin. Measures 70mm w x 35mm d x 20mm h.
- 'PINS' tin. This has a lovely aged patina. Measures 105mm w x 35mm d x 20mm h.
- 'LADIES TOILET PUMIC STONE': For Cleaning, Whitening and Softening the Hands.
   Measures 90mm w x 35mm deep x 23mm high. Comes in original box.
- 'SP. AMMON. AROMAT. B.P.' Four (Glass) Ampoules. There are 3 ampoules in the box.