Antique Hand Cut Crystal Elephant Cruet (11923)

  • $110.00

Absolutely exquisite antique hand cut crystal elephant cruet set: salt, pepper, mustard jar with lid and oil and vinegar bottle (just need new corks).

**We have been unable to find anything even similar online!**

The bases of each cruet and also the elephant's feet have all been hand ground to an incredibly smooth surface.

Condition: Some small chips to the lip of the top of the elephant which are very hard to see when it is all together, due to the many hand cut facets. There is one larger chip; but once again, difficult to see unless you are looking for it (see photos). There are no chips to the body or legs of the elephant.

The salt, mustard jar and both bottles are in excellent condition. The pepper has some tiny flea bites and its lid has a crack that runs through it which has been repaired. This is an incredible Cruet Set and would have been very expensive in its day.

Its weight (997grms) and age (Victorian era), lends to it being lead crystal--hand wash only! 

It measures 170mm x 50mm x 150mm tall to the tops of the bottles.