Antique Imperial Amphora Bohmen Vase (7584)

  • $45.00

Beautiful antique Amphora Vase on a high glaze, claw foot pedestal.

There is no damage to the inside of the Vase. The rings on both handles have been broken and repaired. (A better repair job could be done).

Amphora is highly desirable amongst collectors, but not that well known to the general public. The pieces from this pottery display extremely high levels of craftsmanship with their superb and often very detailed decor in the Art Nouveau style. Works often feature “tube-lining” and a matt glaze area with a sandy texture as in the examples here – but there is a huge variety of styles and finishes.

Amphora Porcelain Works ran from 1892-1945 in the Tepliz-Turn area of Bohenmia, now Trnovany in the Czech Republic. Prior to WW1 Bohemia was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

This pretty vase stands 220mm high and is 120mm in diameter.

Underneath its base is stamped: 'Imperial Amphora Bohman.' 'Made in Czechoslovakia' the number 15536 17 and it has written Roman Numerals: IXX.