c.1900 Taxidermy Grouse Brooch/Kilt Pin, Monogrammed Silver (10064)

  • $95.00

A remarkable antique, large taxidermy bird’s foot brooch with silver fastening and brown dappled feathers.

This is a Victorian Grouse Foot Kilt Pin / Brooch from Scotland, dating to late 18thc to early 1900's.

The pin is a very unusual piece and demonstrates the older type of grouse claw where the appearance is more macabre. New pins have the claw looking much fluffier and cute.

It is set in silver and has an engraved monogram at the top of its setting. It also has the 'c' clasp--which was used from the 1890's to the early 1900's. The sides of the tip have an engraved celtic design.

Measures approximately 105mm long x 30mm wide.

A very unusual, and stunning piece of macabre jewellery.

It is in excellent condition.