c.1860 Qing Dynasty Yixing Zisha Teapot & Creamer (11692)

  • $1,150.00

Circa 1860, cylindrical Chinese Yixing red Zisha clay teapot and matching creamer jug.

Both pieces are brightly decorated in colored enamels with a small black and white bird amongst a pink rose, and berry foliage. 

Teapot: The teapot has a dished flat lid and loose iron wire swing handles. It has two chop marks; one on the lid and one underneath its base. It measures 165mm (spout to opposite handle) x 125mm diameter x 125mm to lid and 175mm to top of handles when extended.

Creamer: The matching Creamer has a green glazed interior, and a chop mark underneath its base. It measures 115mm wide x approximately 85mm deep x 70mm (to top of its spout) x 90mm to top of its handle.

Both pieces are in very good condition. No chips or cracks. The only flaw I can see is one of the enamel 'dots' appears to have worn off the handle of the Creamer through use (it's where your thumb sits when you hold it).

 A most wonderful addition for the collector of China Canton Export Yixing stoneware.