c.1885 Large Chased Silver Porringer & Crystal 'Warmer' (10157)

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During the 17th and 18th centuries, porringers of all sizes were used within homes throughout England and Europe.

Porringers were frequently gifted to babies at their Christening, and also to newlyweds. The two handles were symbolic of sharing, and the bowl seen as a ‘charm’ for the couple’s future in having children together. As a porringer was crafted to feed one person, it was common practice that a piece would be embellished with a personalised engraving. Subsequently, it would be passed down through the family generations.

This stunning piece was created in 1885, (S) year mark, stamped on back beside silversmith's stamp (PA & S: Philip Ashberry & Sons). Note: I cannot find any silver marks - but there is no sign of it being plated (wear/rubbing with base metal showing). Due to its age and very high quality, I am certain it is silver.

It measures 165mm handle to handle x 120mm diameter of base x 90mm diameter of mouth x 120mm high to top of handles and 105mm to top  of porringer.

It weighs 347 grammes, and it is in very good condition. Signs of use in the interior and underneath base--but sides and handles are in excellent order. Same pattern on both sides--no monogramme (yet!).

The Warmer is made of thick cut crystal and has an indent for a candle and a snuffer-top. There are a few chips around its base. It measures 130mm diameter x 90mm. It can also be used to warm plates.