c.1900 BENGALL Cut-Throat Razor (8572)

  • $95.00

Cut-throat razor; a 'Bengall' brand razor with cream coloured celluloid handle with a pin hinge. Made in Sheffield by T.R. Cadman & Sons. Early 1900's. Light rust on the metal part of the handle. The blade itself is clean. No cracks or damage to the handle (just needs a clean). Straight razors were once the main method of shaving,

This razor with the BENGALL mark was known for its quality on an international scale. During WW11 Cadmans supplied the English defence forces with 250,999 razors. This razor comes in a very old cut-throat razor box; but the writing on it is German and it looks like it has had a repair made 'in the field'.

Measures: Length of Blade 70mm x 17mm wide. Fully opened it is 250mm long.