c.1890 KELVA CF Monroe | Opal Ware Art Glass Dresser Box (11609)

  • $175.00

**RARE** "Kelva" Opal Ware Art Glass Dresser Box.

Made around 1890, at the C.F. Monroe Opal Glass Decorating Works in Connecticut, U.SA.

**Antique glass enthusiasts will appreciate how rare and collectable this item is!**

Decorated Opal ware was at the height of its popularity from 1890 to 1910, and the C. F. Monroe Company was one of the largest producers of this type glass. Charles F. Monroe opened his shop first shop in 1880, in Connecticut, U.S.A. 

The Monroe Co. did not manufacture its own glass; rather, it bought its blanks, (undecorated glass), from France, Mt. Washington-Pairpoint and possibly other American glass house. 

There were three types of decoration that C.F. Monroe used on this opal glass - Wave Crest, Kelva and Nakara each decorated with their distinct style decoration. Both "Kelva" and "Nakara" decorated items were made in less quantity than basic "Wave Crest" items and are for that reason are generally more expensive and harder to find.

Condition: The glass is in fabulous condition. There is patina on the brass latch and trims on lid and base. The silk lining inside its lid is still intact and in very good condition for its age--no fraying or splitting at all!  Gorgeous curvy hexagonal shape. 

It has the Trade Mark KELVA underneath its base, and measures 100mm diameter x 80mm high.