Art Deco MYOTT Dinner Set (7316)

  • $295.00

36 Piece Art Deco Dinner Set by MYOTT, SON & CO LTD. 

Ware with the BY marks were produced between 1945 and 1952 under the Wartime Concentration Scheme. 

This lovely Art Deco Service is hand painted, with Red and Black brushed strokes around the edges on white china. The lids on the top of the Serving Dishes are just gorgeous; see photos of how they have been hand painted.

This set contains the following:
- 6 x Tea Cups (85mm diameter x 70mm high)
- 6 x Saucers (148mm diameter x 20mm high)
- 6 x Tea Plates (164mm diameter x 13mm high)
- 5 x Bowls (250mm diameter x 42mm high)
- 6 x Dinner Plates (249mm diameter x 22mm high)
- 2 x Lidded Serving Dishes (230mm diameter x 67mm high) 
- 2 x Platters (290mm x 225mm & 372mm x 287mm)

There are no cracks in this Set, but there is a lot of crazing and a few chips. One saucer has staining in the crazing. A well loved Dinner Set from a bygone era.