c.1950 EUMIG P8 8mm Silent Cine Projector (11798)

  • $125.00

EUMIG P8 8mm Silent Cine projector--1954-1968 in Vienna. This was Eumig's most popular projector. Between 1954 and 1969, 1.3 million examples of this model were manufactured.

Eumig P8 cine projector for 8mm film, up to 400 foot capacity. Eumig Eupronar coated projection lens F: 20mm f/1.4. Two sprockets and claw drive. Electric motor, slider speed control. On-off switch. Framing control. 12 volt, 100 watt A1/186 lamp, single contact bayonet cap. Reflector condenser system. Two flat pin input socket. Mains voltage adjuster. Hand rewind. Spool arms fold away inside body. No reels. Serial No. 493767.

EUMIG was an Austrian company producing audio and video equipment that existed from 1919 until 1982. Comes with operating instructions. Weighs 6.5kgs.

**We have not tested this, as very old wiring--and hair perms aren't fashionable these days!**