Charles Walch 'Le coq devant le village' (7494)

  • $75.00

This is an absolutely stunning, high quality framed vintage print of 'Le coq devant le village' by famous French Painted, Charles Walch.

From Alcatel France, Charles Walch always painted in celebration of the joy of life - expert at the interweaving forms into ranges of distinct colours. He studied painting at the school of Decorative Arts in 1918. and of Beaux-Arts in Paris

EXHIBITED at the Salon des Indpendants, des Tuileries and dAutomne studying under Bonnard and Marquet in 1934. The Museum of Modern Art in Paris so admired his work a well deserved retrospective of his paintings and drawings was held in the 1950's. His works are equally admired today.

Frame measures 480mm wide x 620mm high.
Print measures 430mm wide x 565mm high.