Churchill Blue Willow 8 x Plates (7592)

  • $55.00

4 x Luncheon Plates and 4 x Side Plates in the Blue Willow pattern by Churchill, England.

There are many Chinese-inspired motifs that look similar to Blue Willow, but they may not have the characteristic pattern of the Blue Willow legend. Look for the fence, the bridge, the two doves, the willow tree, and the stream. If it doesn't have this pattern, it isn't Blue Willow.

No chips, cracks or crazing.

The Luncheon Plates are stamped 'Dishwasher & Microwave Safe'. The Side Plates are possibly older - as they only have an impressed mark - not a stamp. 


The Side Plates measure 205mm diameter x 25mm high.
The Luncheon Plates measure 245mm diameter x 30mm high.