Collectible Marzi & Remy 3046 Perkeo Beer Stein (8685)

  • $55.00

Lovely vintage lustre ware beer stein with pewter lid. Made by Marzi & Remy, Wekara Potteries in Germany in the 1960's.

Measures 95mm diameter of base x 230mm high.

In excellent condition.

Back stamp: A trapezoidal, "no text", version of the impressed stylised potter's wheel, used from 1879-1964.

Perkeo was an 18th-century dwarf who served as both court jester and keeper of the royal wine keg in Heidelberg. Despite his size, he was reportedly quite a prodigious drinker and, according to legend, his death came about when he mistakenly drank a glass of water.