'Coronation Street Treasures' (ref: 7126)

  • $15.00

By Tim Randall. With CD.

Containing previously unpublished removable memorabilia, intricately reproduced in facsimile form, this unique album provides an amazing record of 45 years of life on Britain's most famous street. House by house, we discover all sorts of fascinating lost treasures, from birth certificates, invitations, love letters and court summonses to divorce papers, old pub menus, newspaper cuttings, clocking-in cards from the factory, ads from the shop window and much more.

Coronation Street historian Tim Randall threads it all together to paint a vivid and evocative history of each premises on the street, piecing together the stories of each generation from the evidence they've left behind.

  • Hardback | 64 pages
  • 260 x 298mm
  • Carlton Books Ltd