Crown Lynn | Oval Squat Trough No. 77 | Palest Blue Glaze (11067)

  • $160.00

Beautiful Crown Lynn oval trough vase with horizontal ribbed pattern with a rare palest blue glaze. The colour of this vase is not apparent in the photos and indoors the vase appears to be white but upon closer inspection in bright daylight the glaze is actually a very, very light pastel blue.

This vase has the Crown Lynn tiki stamp and the number 77 impressed underneath the base of the vase. It dates to circa 1949. It is in excellent condition given its age.

There are a few pinpoint specs on the outside of the vase as well as a handful of extremely light grey scratch marks, primarily along the edge of the ribs of the vase. The inside of the vase has assorted but very minor small brown stains.

The Vase measures 200mm wide x 100mm deep x 75mm high.