The Big Show: Experiences of a French Pilot in the RAF (8692)

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The Big Show: Experiences of a French Fighter Pilot in the RAF, by Pierre Closterman Hardback with Dust Cover - In reasonable condition

Pierre Clostermann was a Free French fighter ace whose incredible account of the air war over Britain and France has become one of the most famous memoirs of the Second World War. Over the course of five years Clostermann engaged in hundreds of dog-fights, shot down scores of Luftwaffe planes, escorted American bombers on some of the most dangerous raids of the war, and watched many of his friends falling to their deaths in the skies over the Channel.

The Big Show contains everything one could wish for in a war memoir: wonderfully observed descriptions of wartime Britain, frighteningly evocative stories of in-the-cockpit action, an amazing cast of characters, and all the drama and bravery of a man fighting a desperate war thousands of feet above the ground.