Galileo Thermometer (12113)

  • $55.00

Height 400mm - Diameter 36mm - Measuring range 10-28 Degrees Celsius.

Height 435mm - Diameter 70mm at base - Measuring range 16-26 Degrees Celsius.

Are you a bit of a science geek? The Galileo Thermometer (named after the famous Italian physicist Galileo Galilee) is a thermometer made of a sealed glass cylinder containing a clear liquid and a series of seven sealed glass bulbs with different densities, that rise or fall as the temperature changes. As the liquid in the cylinder changes temperature, its density changes and the bulbs are free to move - either by rising or falling. If the bulbs differ in density by a very small amount and are ordered such that the least dense is at the top and densest at the bottom, they can form a temperature scale.