Hand Carved Soapstone Elephant 2 Babies Inside (7843)

  • $55.00

This intricately hand-carved elephant has a baby elephant carved inside her - PLUS another baby, inside the carved baby! Incredible detail! The mother elephant figurine has been handmade in traditional Indian jali work or openwork carving (intricate latticework having a pattern of openings). The inner baby elephant is also Jali work - and there is yet another 'solid stone' baby elephant inside of it - representing 3 Generations!

These intricate statuettes are expertly hewn from one piece of soapstone in Agra, India with great care; as a wrong hit will ruin the entire piece. Each item is bespoke and therefore is uniquely sized and shaped.

Measures 110mm wide x 65mm across x 80mm high. It is in excellent condition!