Knitting Pattern Books for Newborn/Toddlers (11651)

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What to Knit when you're Expecting is a lovely pattern book by Nikki Van De Car.

The 28 patterns in What To Knit When You're Expecting have all been designed to be worn, used and played with by your baby. So, as well as making a start on your baby's wardrobe by knitting booties, mittens and jumpers, there are also practical items such as bibs and. Patterns are helpfully organised according to where you are in your pregnancy: those in the first trimester are slightly more difficult as there is still plenty of time to finish a longer project; those for the second trimester, when many women learn the sex of their baby, focus on clothes for girls and boys; and projects for the third trimester are quick and easy.

The second pattern book titled Sweet Pickles is by Norwegian knitwear designers and yarn aficionados Anna Enge and Heidi Grønvold showcasing their sophisticated, modern patterns for babies and toddlers, fresh from their Pickles yarn shop in Oslo, Norway. Anna and Heidi's darling creations are surprisingly easy to knit, with clean lines and minimal seaming. Turn simple techniques--like garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and colorful stripes--into a perfect baby gift or fun garment your own "Euro-cool" kid will love to wear!