Large Vintage Blue Mountain Owl (10735)

  • $125.00

Blue Mountain Pottery was Canada's largest manufacturer of quality giftware pottery from its introduction in 1947 until the plant closed for good in December 2004 ending a fifty-seven year business.

Items produced by this company feature a unique, trademarked glazing process known as "reflowing decorating”. Two different liquid glazes, one light and one dark in colour, were applied. During the firing process the glazes would run, creating streaking patterns individual to each piece.

*This is one of the nicest owls that I have seen - as the coloured drip stops at the eyes and starts again underneath the owl's throat - with the black giving a feathered look, with the colour highlighting the owl's legs and toes. Care and attention has definitely been put into the glazing.*

Measures 150mm wide x 150mm deep x 245mm high.

Date range: 1950's - possibly into early 60's. We think the colour is Aurora Borealis - as it has shades (and highlights when turned towards of light) of lilac with blues and emerald in the drip (see fourth photo). The owl is hollow and the base is unglazed, revealing the underlying ceramic body to be terracotta in colour. It is unmarked.

It is in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks or crazing.