Large, Vintage Original Oil of an Autumn,Tree-lined Riverbank (9378)

  • $220.00

It is unsigned, however it is extremely similar to paintings by Wallock. Wallock is not a listed artist but from what I've seen he is a painter from England and paints mostly landscape scenes and dates to the 1930's to early 1950's. The detail and shading is wonderful. It draws you in and envelops you in its serenity.

The reason why I believe it could be by Wallock, is because my parents had a Wallock painting on their wall when I was growing up--which was the same river scene but without a path--almost identical--I'd spend hours looking at it and imaging myself within the picture.

It is in a large, fancy gilt frame which measures 1100mm wide x 780mm x 40mm deep.

In excellent condition! Buyer will *not* be disappointed!

**Please Note: It is too large to Courier. We are happy to work in with someone that the Buyer arranges, if freight is required**