Nicolas Markovitch (MARC) | Antique Colour Lithograph (11324)

  • $295.00

Rhein (Rhine) River, Austria c.1900's.
Signed: Marc (a pseudonym for Nicolas Markovitch, Serbian-French 1894-1964).

Viewed through a jeweller’s loupe, the linework is continuously solid--so it is probably an actual lithograph, or actual original print. There is no dot matrix (which would mean it is an off-set reproduction, and not an original print). Please see magnified photo taken through jeweller's loupe.

For his original fine art watercolor paintings or illustration work, the Artist always signed them with his true name Nicolas Markovitch. Although the signature looks different to our other listed painting--it is, from our online research, the same artist, as we have found other listed works with both styles of signature.

This is yet another stunning watercolour, and measures 530mm x 430mm. Please see photos for condition.