Vintage NZ Remote Control Telecommunications Unit (11797)

  • $160.00

Remote Control Unit, Wireless Set ZC.1, Mk II. The same as this one, on the MOTAT Website: - Military - Road Transport - Transport - Telecomunication device. (Just missing its 'morse key'.)

The unit consists of a khaki painted metal box with a lift up lid which is hinged at the back. Inside, on the left, was a metal Morse key with a round bakelite button for the operator (missing). Below that is a microphone input jack and on the right are two "Phones" jacks. In the centre is a "Call" push-button flanked by two switches. Under the lid are a set of user instructions printed in gold lettering on a black metal plate riveted into the underside of the lid. Marks: REMOTE / CONTROL UNIT / W.S.Z.C1 - MK II / R.C.U.1 (NZ) - Painted. REMOTE CONTROL UNIT / W.S.Z.C.1. MK.II / R.C.U.1. (N.Z.) / SERIAL No 23262 / MANFD. IN NEW ZEALAND - Maker's Plate.

Measures 220mm w x 135mm d x 140mm h. Weighs 4kgs.