RARE Luxury Onorato Comitti BRAILLE Barometre (11691)

  • $120.00

A RARE early 20thC mahogany-cased luxury Onorato Comitti (Italy-London) luxury aneroid barometer with silvered dial and a brass ring around its face, with braille markings and a moveable outer marker for the blind.

In 1845, an Italian precision instrument maker, Onorato Comitti, travelled to England seeking a new future in the land that was enjoying the unprecedented prosperity generated by the Industrial Revolution and in 1850 he opened his workshops alongside other specialist makers in Clerkenwell, London.

Dedicated to the pursuit of perfection and innovation, he quickly achieved an unsurpassed reputation for his recording instruments including the finest quality mercury and aneroid barometers.

Comitti London remain a family owned business now run by their fifth generation.

This beautiful barometer is in lovely condition--just missing 'one' of the 4 screws on its brass front plate.

IN GOOD WORKING ORDER, and comes in its original box. This is a real treasure!

Measures 225mm diameter x 57mm thick.