EXTREMELY RARE: Victorian: 1854 The Family Herald Book: Volume XII (9624)

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First Edition - Original Issue. Volume 12.

**This is an EXTREMELY RARE publication. We have been unable to find ANY Volume 12's online--at all! World-wide, according the accessible information on the web, there are only a few copies that are available from various booksellers, and this number includes only copies of Vol. XXXIV (1874), and copies of Vol VI, (1857), and also copies of Vol. XIV (1857).**

This is a bound volume of 52 weekly issues covering May 6, 1854 through April 28, 1855. Each issue is 16 pages.

Condition: The contents are tight, foxing and age spots, text is in good condition. The back cover board has detached from the spine. Damage to the bottom of the spine's cover. Edges have "dings". Please see detailed photos for more information on condition.

Subject matter covers about everything, such as Tales, Narratives, Allegories, Poetry, Philosophy, Science, Art, Customs, Manners, Historical Essays, Natural History, Inventions, Discoveries, Biography, Statistics, Delightful Stories and Anecdotes (read the photos) etc. etc.

The articles reflect the concepts behind the British Victorian way of thinking; specifically, their ideas about the difference between the women of the various classes, and also about the difference between the sexes— in particular, in relation to the Victorian views on the purity and chastity and “dangerous” sexuality of women, and their perceived and social roles as channels through which property passed—and the differing roles of men and women in society and the home. Most notably, the magazine helped in influencing and shaping the audience for which it was intended, and especially the women. For many of the female readers, the magazine was the channel through which they learnt of the outside world and the lives of others. In turn, these women then socialised their off-spring.

An excellent opportunity for the collector and researcher.