RARE: Vintage NZ (Benhar) Crofter-Ware Food Barrel (11775)

  • $115.00

NZ Historical Benhar Brick, Pipe & Pottery Works / McSkimming and Son Ltd / McSkimming Industries Ltd (Benhar, Otago). Benhar Pottery, bought by Peter McSkimming in the 1880's, was one of New Zealand's earliest and most important commercial potteries and is now being excavated by Otago Museum.

Benhar village was established in the 1880's to provide workers for the brick and pipe manufacturing company, McSkimmings Industries which began production in 1882. In 1894, Peter McSkimming built the large Hoffman kiln (for which Benhar is best known). That kiln and its landmark chimney remain to this day, largely thanks to the efforts of residents and protesters, who in 1992 formed a human chain around the chimney to prevent a developer's attempts to demolish it!

This lovely vintage stoneware lidded crock is styled in the shape of a barrel. It is in excellent condition.

**This piece of NZ history is extremely rare. We have been unable to find any images of, or any sold, on the internet!**

It measures 190mm diameter x approximately 260mm high to top of handle.