RARE: Wood Cover: The Poetical Works of John Milton c.1811 (9655)

  • $65.00

Published by John Walker & Co, London.
(From our research of the publishers, we believe this to have been printed c.1811.)

Red leather spine with gilt embossing. Wooden front and back cover: the front cover has a picture of Roses in a Vase with 'Milton' inscribed over it.

The book contains a biography of John Milton by J.M. Ross, Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes, Comus, Arcades and minor Poems and Sonnets.

Condition: The leather spine shows deterioration. The glossy printed wooden front cover has two chipped corners. The back cover is polished wood, and has partially come away from the spine. It has marks, and one chipped corner. The pages have gilt edges and show minimal signs of use. The first few pages of the book have age spots.

The book measures 135mm wide x 185mm x 35mm thick.

An absolute GEM!