RARE: WWII Royal Tank Regiment Badge (ref: 6217)

  • $75.00

WWII Royal Tank Regiment FEAR NAUGHT Badge. The Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) is the oldest tank unit in the world, being formed by the British Army in 1916 during the First World War.

In October, 1924 the tank position was reversed to face left. This was necessary given the introduction of the black beret in March 1924 (as the most practical headgear to be worn in an armoured vehicle), because in it, the tank had originally appeared to be in full retreat - hardly the most inspiring imagery for armoured soldiers.

The King's Crown was used between 1901-1952. The metal appears to be Anodised Staybright.
This has a pin that slides out on its reverse side. It measures approximately 46mm high x 36mm wide.