Retro-Look Oneida/Wiltshire Cutlery Set - 34 pieces (10029)

  • $75.00

Oneida Ltd is the world's largest stainless steel and silver-plated flatware maker, serving both the consumer and food service markets.

In good condition. Just need a polish. 

- 6 x Dinner Knives
- 6 x Bread & Butter Knives
- 6 x Dessert Spoons
- 6 x Soup Spoons
- 3 x Dinner Forks
- 3 x Dinner Forks 'Wiltshire' which is a similar pattern to the Oneida.
- 4 x Teaspoons 'Wiltshire' which is a similar pattern to the Oneida.

(We were asked a question regarding this set--when we had a second-look, we realised that 7 of the pieces were replaced with similar style cutlery by Wiltshire--as above. We have updated this listing accordingly and added more photos to show the difference.)