ROYAL CROWN | Bone China Set of 4 (12417)

  • $45.00

This set includes 4 items- 2 x small dishes, 1 x small jug and 1 x miniature vase.

All are in excellent condition. Gold gilt rims. No crazing. Good ting when tapped. Beautiful vibrant colours.

Mixed collections of 'Hammersley' and 'Derby'.

Dish 1- 'Denby Posies' Measurements- Diameter- 140mm, width- 85mm, height- 30mm.

Dish 2- 'Denby Posies' Measurements- Diameter- 75mm, width- 100mm, height- 25mm.

Small jug- 'Royal Crown Denby'. Measurements- Diameter- 70mm, width- 50mm, height- 75mm.

Miniature Vase- 'Hammersley', with the numbers 2991 on its base. Measurements- Diameter- 70mm, width- 40mm, height- 60mm.