Royal Crown Derby: Posies - 5 Piece Set (9691)

  • $65.00

Beautiful miniature set.

Most pieces in very good condition with no chips, cracks, crazing, scratches or fading, apart from the salt shaker which has a crack through it - please see pictures.

Should be easy to glue back together. Condiments bowl comes with an antique engraved rose handle, sterling silver spoon.

Porcelain bell does not have clapper inside - just for ornament.

Gold gilt is in good condition on all pieces.

Trinket bowl beautiful condition with scolloped edging.

Porcelain Bell - 55mm diameter / 125mm tall.
Condiments bowl (with lid) - 55mm diameter / 65mm tall.
Spoon - 65mm long. S&P Shakers - 95mm tall.
Trinket bowl - 115mm diameter.