Sacred Dance: Encounter with the Gods (8740)

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Wosien, Maria-Gabriele. Sacred Dance: Encounter with the Gods. London, Thames and Hudson, 1974. 20.5 x 28cm. 128 pages, with 142 illustrations, 30 in colour. Original softcover.

Reasonable condition - binding starting to come loose. [Art and Imagination Series]. This is one of a series of lavishly illustrated, large-format paperback books that explore a truly astonishing range of interests, philosophies, religions, and cultures -- from alchemy to angels, Buddhism to Hinduism, myth to magic. A primordial element of religious tradition, all over the world, the dance was a vital part of Early Christian worship, and survives in the whirling, orbiting movements of the Dervishes of Turkey.

This book evokes one of mankind's oldest and profoundest impulses: to act out the movements of the powers that he senses within himself and the within the world. [Thames and Hudson]