Stunning Italian Silver Plated Brandy Decanter (ref: 5801)

  • $125.00

Silver plated Decanter by Distllerie Buton. Silver content: 800/1000, 30.5cm, 740grammes/693grammes.

This decanter is in a good used condition. The glass is not damaged or chipped. Engraved on the bottom is: Distillerie Buton Bologna Italia Casa Fond. Nel 1820 Argenterie G. Galbiati Miiland. The distillery Buton De Markies Filippo Sassoli de 'Bianchi, refounded Distillery Buton drank, founded in 1820 by the partnership between the de Napoleonic vereran Jean Bouton (former supplier of the French Royal Family, from a famiy of distillers: Charente) and James Rovinazzi, Pastry Baker under the porch of the Pavaglione.

The history of this piece is noteworthy. It has an ornate handle with the head of a goose at its top. This silver plated decanter was made between 1960-1970.

Measures 305mm to the top of its handle, and is approximately 100mm in diameter.