Staffordshire Blue Willow Bowl (10397)

  • $30.00

Great condition. No cracks, chips or crazing. Measures: 190mm diameter. Made in England.

In the Blue Willow legend, a the beautiful daughter of a powerful man fell in love with her father's secretary. Discovering their love, the father banished the secretary and constructed a great fence to keep his daughter contained. She could only walk by the water and the willows. She despaired until she received a message from her lover. At a banquet, he rescued her, but her father noticed and chased them across a bridge. The got away, but years later, her father caught up with them. The secretary was killed, and the daughter died as well. In pity, the gods turned them both into doves so they could fly together forever.

Blue Willow china is highly symbolic with many motifs from this legend in the design. If you look closely, you'll see the fence the father built to keep his daughter in, the bridge he chased the lovers across, the willow and stream by which the daughter walked, and many more elements of the legend. At the top, there are two doves to represent the couple.