Vintage RH Macy & Co Dinner Set (7807)

  • $90.00

This is a beautiful Vintage Stoneware 42 piece Dinner Set.

'Made expressly for R.H. Macy & Co. Inc.'
'The Cellar'. Pattern No.4889
Oven to Microwave Safe.

This Dinner Set comprises:
- 7 x Cups (80mm diameter x 80mm high)
- 8 x Saucers (160mm diameter x 20mm high)
- 1 x Creamer (70mm diameter x 95mm high)
- 1 x Sugar Basin with Lid (105mm diameter x 80mm high)
- 7 x Bowls (160mm diameter x 50mm high.
- 8 x Side Plates (195mm diameter x 20mm high)
- 7 x Dinner Plates (270mm diameter x 20mm high)
- 1 x Serving Platter (315mm diameter x 30mm high)
 - 1 x Serving Bowl (240mm diameter x 70mm high)

Stoneware is known for its durability--this will serve your family well, for years.

This Dinner Set is in excellent condition: no chips, cracks or crazing.