The Oxford History of New Zealand 2nd Ed. (9660)

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The Oxford History of New Zealand 2nd Edition by Geoffrey W. Rice. Paperback.

When The Oxford History of New Zealand was first published in 1981 it was acclaimed as the standard reference. The turbulent 1980s have changed much about the way we see New Zealand and its history. Some of these new ways of regarding the past have arisen, directly or obliquely, from the activities of the Waitangi tribunal and the wealth of scholarship, Maori and Pakeha, which now surrounds the treaty of Waitangi.

Others come from the events of the 1980's, with their profound social, political, and economic consequences. This edition provides coverage of the last decade, and critics, to provide a comprehensive account of New Zealand's past from the first Polynesian settlement to the present day.

Like its predecessor, it is essential reading for every student, scholar, and teacher of New Zealand history, and for the general reader, curious to know about New Zealand's past.

In good, pre-loved condition. Has an inscription inside front cover.