Tuscany: The Beautiful Cookbook (8735)

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TUSCANY The Beautiful Cookbook by Lorenza De' Medici's
Hard Cover with dust jacket. Spine is faded and light wear only to dust jacket. The book itself, is in excellent condition.

Each title in this award-winning series offers an exquisite region-by-region taste tour filled with culinary specialties and surprises. Included in each large-format volume are gorgeous food and landscape photographs.

265mm wide x 365mm high x 25mm thick.

Review: There are just some cookbooks that you can read before bedtime, and this is one of them. Ok, so it's a little awkward to hold. Set the book down on the counter and lean over it. Pore over those beautiful pictures, and learn about the way things are done in a place where microwaves don't rule the world.

This book makes no compromises because it's not trying to get you to cook a certain way. It's trying to tell you what traditional foods are like. It's old-school. It's gorgeous. And the recipes are good too, if you can source the ingredients. I have never been so inspired reading a cookbook as I was reading Tuscany: The Beautiful Cookbook. --Christine