Vintage 1966 Brass Jet Engine Starter Cartridge '10 Mk 3' (10088)

  • $75.00

Early jet engines needed a way to turn the motor over to start the engine going.

Many propeller driven aircraft had relied on a man swinging the propeller to turn the engine to kick it into life. This was obviously not an option with a jet engine so a large blank starter cartridge was used. Made of brass, this cartridge looks very much like an artillery shell. Manufactured in 1966. The ‘K’ indicates it was produced by Kynoch.

Etched markings on base read: CART. ELEC ENG START N9 MK3 K. 66 A 67.
Stamped marks: 10 Mk3.
Still has remnants inside.

For display or could make a 'remarkable pen holder'.

Measures 80mm diameter x 145mm high.