Vintage Brass Rubbing of Dame Jemima Wilson, Westminster Abbey (9448)

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Vintage brass rubbing from the tomb of Dame Jemima Wilson (1849) who was buried with her husband (Sir Robert Wilson) at Westminster Abbey. Sir Robert Wilson served in the Napoleonic campaign and former General of the British Army.

In the medieval and early modern eras (ca. 1200–1600), a new type of funeral art appeared in western Europe. Tombs inside churches, often of wealthy or powerful people, were topped with large decorative stone or brass plaques, replacing an earlier tradition of three-dimensional sculpture. The brasses served as memorials to the men and women who lay beneath, sometimes containing heraldic symbols or other visual references to their status in society. 

Creating rubbings from monumental brasses was a popular pastime in the Victorian era that experienced a revival in the mid–twentieth century.

In excellent condition and beautifully matted and framed in gold and black. From around the 1970's.

It measures 410mm wide x 1100mm high x 30mm deep.

**Unfortunately this is too large to send via courier. Pick Up Only - or buyer to organise freight from their end.**