Vintage Chinese 'Mud Man' | Fisherman Figurine (10740)

  • $75.00

c.1950's-1960's. Made at the Shiwan Artistic Ceramic Factory, China.

This incredible figurine of a fisherman with his caught fish, is glazed with brown, tan, sky-blue and white and has raw clay for his skin. There is a marked difference in texture of the man's skin versus the coloured glaze.
He sits on a reflowing/drip glazed base with brown/blue/earthen tones.

The expression on his face is amazing--he looks lost in deep thought.

This is a detailed sculpture, down to finger and toenails!

*This would make a wonderful gift for the Fisherman in your life, this Christmas.*

Chinese Mud Men have an interesting history - and are collectable.

This gorgeous man measures 140mm wide x 130mm deep x 175mm high.

He is in excellent condition--as is his fish! The red fishing line may not be original and can be easily changed.