Vintage Hand Made Turkish Darbuka Hand Drum (11991)

  • $295.00

The Darbuka (also known as Doumbek, Tablah, or Derbeke) is the most iconic percussion instrument in middle-eastern music, and has been played by drummers for over 100 years. The name "Darbuka" most likely came from the word “daraba”, which means "to strike" in Arabic.

This lovely drum has a black lacquered base, into which has been hand carved an exquisite pattern, exposing the brass underneath. It has then been coated with a clear lacquer, to stop the metal from tarnishing. This goblet drum from ancient origin has a crisp sound with optimum resonance. The skin looks to be from an animal.

This was possibly made by Tycoon in Turkey.

Measures 145mm diameter x 254mm high.