'Wahiao: The People of Whakarewarewa' - Signed (12251)

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By Marian Mare and Aloma Parker Signed by Marian.


Zamare Productions Ltd

Pages: 548

285 x 245 mm

This book traces the history of the Wahiao people, weaving oral and recorded history to illustrate their relationship with the thermal valley of Te Whakarewarewatanga-o-te-ope-taua-a-Whiao. Whakarewarewa is New Zealand's most famous thermal tourist resort and has been home to Ngti Whiao for more than 300 years. The history of Ngti Whiao is recorded in the names of hot pools, mud pools, geysers, fissures, and streams in the valley. The bones of Ngti Whiao tupuna lie in caves in Te Puia and the surrounding Pohaturoa hills. This is a true David and Goliath saga. Whiao have a clear unbroken customary association with the land over hundreds of years. But other larger tribes also claim to have occupied Whakarewarewa at different times and have laid claim to the thermal valley. The stories describe the ancient and bloody wars fought, lost, and won by Whiao, and their more recent courtroom battles. From these encounters tribal heroes have emerged.