SALE! Wild Roads - A New Zealand Journey by Bruce Ansley (9770)

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Bruce Ansley is the author of Wild Roads: A New Zealand Journey, which made the New Zealand Best Seller List 2015.

Take an epic journey along New Zealand's most dangerous, infamous, remote and remarkable roads. From spectacular coastal highways to frightening alpine passes, back-country bullies to treasured pathways, these are the roads that dictate the terms of everyday life in New Zealand. Wild Roads features 60 of our wildest routes - sometimes a pleasure to drive, other times unpredictable, exposed and treacherous.

As the author says, this is not a guide, or a history. It is a story of New Zealand roads and, through them, other stories which show that we're a nation of contrasts. The roads have been chosen not just because they are wild, but because they are wildly beautiful, or lonely, or interesting.

The author has driven over them all -most are accessible by the average car, with only a few demanding something more rugged. Become a tourist in this nation of remarkable wild roads, taking the more indirect and mysterious routes - the high roads, long and winding roads, slow roads, low roads, by-roads, roads to somewhere and roads to nowhere.